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Coaches Letter March 4 2012

Welcome and thanks for becoming family in our Northshore Sportsplex.  As we expand we will now partially communicate thru Constant Contact. We will direct and alert you as to upcoming events and on goings at our facility. One favor if you would, PLEASE FORWARD this to people and families that you believe would enjoy what we do and how we do it. Remember no Crazies. Again thanks and see you soon. Speed and Agility By J.J. McClesky    504.813.7944 Very similar to what our original guy was doing just a lot more of the attitude in which I would do it. Very intense.  JJ played for the Saints and Cardinals and brings the “work your butt off sweat for an hour- no excuses mentality.  Something we all sort of need over here on the NorthsoftShore. For our Titan players it is 50.00/month for 2 classes per week. Classes will be in evening to tie into our practices. Focus is on Core Body Strength, Speed and Agility.  Classes to begin within 2 weeks.   Athletic Performance Testing (APT) Just like the Pros do in those Combine Workouts. APT will be in our facility March 18 to test- how fast, how high, reaction reflex and other measurable you have. They perform these measurable for all sorts of professional and college players around the country. We will do this 3x’s a year so we can check progress on each individual. $30.00 advanced registration……$35.00 day of registration.  Information on our website this  week.   Year Round Volleyball By Michelle Anderson of Northshore Volleyball  985.502.2982 Rachel Mauti   of LA Aces Volleyball 985.264.4192 Former All District, All State, State Champion and College Player will conduct volleyball like we do basketball. Classes are Wednesday and Sunday.  Learn how to play, Bump -Set - Spike.  Beginners -  High School. Times and additional information is on website   Birthday Parties By Gigi Troncoso   985.789.5210 Basically any age, 2 hrs of basketball, volleyball, football, dodgeball, soccer, speed n agility. For additional information and details check website.   Spring Basketball Roundup In case you missed it this year we will field 20 plus AAU / YBOA  teams for the Spring, this all comes on the heels of announcing that Mary Queen of Peace, St. Peter’s, O.L.L. and the local Homeschool group will be using our facility for their  Volleyball / Basketball practices and games next year. We are now being recognized for the quality of our programs, players and families. We look to build upon this as we bring in even bigger and better things for you and your families. By the way for any of you dad that want to play a little basketball, Kenny Troncoso has a group that plays on Sunday Nights at 6:00. Friendly pick-up games till about 8:00. Call or talk to him if interested. Starting a Sunday league soon. Lastly as you can now see we have our 2 full BB courts and 4 volleyball courts. Still we have to add bathrooms upstairs and 2 new AC’s. We will add an area for concessions and a spot in which you can buy clothing year round. We have stayed the course and now building for our future, your support and advertising to your friends on what we do- is what we need. Thanks and see you guys soon. Charles