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Coaches Letter June 29 2012

Dear Parents, I would like to get a few things out first instead of putting them last since they mostly deal with procedures and daily gym stuff we all need to know.

News Items:

- By now, many of you may have heard by now about the tragic accident involving Coach Ryan.  We have an update as well as some things to ask of everyone.  Please click here to read a special message about the status of Coach Ryan. - If you have not met our new facility director Kristina please introduce yourself to her. She is in on Monday and Tuesday from 4-8:00 to answer any and all questions. - Open Gym schedule will be posted on web shortly. As of now it is Mon-Friday 9:00 am - 12:00 noon and 8:00 pm-11:00 pm on Tuesday and Thursday. - If you would like to rent the gym for party, church function etc. let us know. We are doing more of this and would love to have you use it. - It would be a great assistance in cutting down paperwork if all those paying by check or cash would consider the auto draft process. So far it has gone great. The only thing is you have to notify Kristina when your 4 months is up so we can cancel. When you restart we just simply turn it back on. - For Sunday Basketball, Coach Kenny has a group of older players that play every Sunday evening from 6:00 pm -8:00 pm. Come out and bring a friend. - If you have a smart phone and are on Facebook hit the like button on us so that you can receive all the important updates as things change. Our web master puts only the last minute changes to practices and games on it so you can be informed. Also check the website for changes. - Player news:  Congrats Justen Mascaro for being named the 9th grade MVP for the 2012 Denton Texas "Point Guard College" Camp Great Camp – a Prestigious Award.  Also our 5th grade Girls Select team won the 5/6 grade YBOA State Tourney in Baton Rouge. Our 5th Grade Boys Select are headed to AAU Nationals this week. Wish them luck! - I will pass along fundraiser info. on next newsletter as we get everything finalized. Looks like we raised about $8,000.00, we have about $2,500.00 in expenses it looks like now. Next year we will do it 2 weeks after Easter. Come heck or High water. We also may be looking to do a Casino type night in September or October.

Fall Basketball Update:

For the first time we will have an association with the Mardi Gras Gators from Denham Springs and the Metairie based Back to Basics group. What this means is we will have a fall season like our spring season and be able to compete with like-minded teams. In fact this will allow us to start our own Biddy Program based out of Abita Springs for boys and girls. I plan on from this point forward on having our own in house program for the fall season. If you would like to play rec. ball as well that is fine, I am not discouraging it but I am letting you know we will be doing the same type program participating in the Biddy program out of Abita. We will have league then All-Stars Program. Will be 7/8’s, 9/10’s and 11/12’s. Tell a friend and get them involved.  The season will be from Mid-August- All Stars. Information to follow. If you are tired of dads and their kids, we won’t be doing that.

AAU Update

As we start the 3 on 3 season I want to thank everyone for the attendance and support during the AAU / Developmental season. Overall it went great. The Development teams did just as we had hoped – that is we had numerous players drastically improve their skill and fundamentals. In fact we had 4 development teams that went from struggling to really competing and playing extremely well at the end. One thing we don’t stress enough is that it takes a player 6-8 months to get what we are trying to do. This in many cases is so foreign to our newer players that they struggle and parents get confused and frustrated. We had about 15-20 that bailed out on us because it wasn’t their cup of tea. In reality it is a process that the player must go through in order to get better. There is no magic pill for this.  Each year we have about the same leave us and about half will give us another try later on. After the 6-8 month period, it is on the player to step up and move to next level. Most do but they don’t all do it at the same time. Some take longer. Over all we were very pleased with the development teams and their progress. As for the Select teams, they played and competed at the very highest levels. In fact we won several tournaments and even a state championship. Many outsiders were surprised at our success but we have some of the very best players. In the past we chose not to put them all on one team. This year was our first venture into Select teams. Like I tell people all of our players come from about 5 miles from around the gym, we don’t recruit and if we did we would be many times better than their team. That usually gets them into a tizzy. We are very blessed to be getting some of the best athletes at a younger and younger age, this makes success much easier. Our goal is to formalize our Select groups even more and even start RECRUITING to an extent. We are looking to put qualified individuals in charge of boys and girls and break that down to Youth, Jr. High and High School. If we are going to venture into this we might as well be the best at it. It will be fun to start taking players from other groups for a change. Information will follow.

3 On 3 League Information:

3 on 3 Information: we have started and will continue thru July. So far it looks like they are enjoying it and that will only increase as they get better at the concept. I tell people all the time that if I could get enough parents and kids to buy into the 3 on 3 concept we would do this year round. This is simply the best way for players to learn the game of basketball. Kids start off playing 5 on 5 and most of the time with someone who doesn’t even know basketball. In 3 on 3 they cannot hide on the court. They must guard, dribble, pass, pick, roll, shoot, talk, block out, rebound and outlet on every play.  If they don’t we notice and get their attention on it. Over time it becomes the base of how they play basketball and thus makes 5 on 5 so much easier. You will notice as we play thru the weeks the rules will change on them. We do this to make the game harder and much more about the thinking process than the reacting process. Reason being if I think first I can therefore cause the desired reaction that best suits me. It’s a little deep for some but that is how the game is played properly. We have a few that are at this point and the way they play is like no one else around here. Teams will change each week but the times should remain fairly constant. We place players on teams based on what we want players concentrating on. Due to having many out of vacation we will adjust as we needed. 7th Grade - High Schoolers will play on Friday evenings, everyone else is Saturday morning. We may still do regular AAU team games periodically on Saturday’s.


- I am no longer the 8th grade coach at St. Paul’s I have accepted the position of Girls Head Coach at Lakeshore High School. I want to thank all those who have supported me in my 3 years at St. Paul’s and want to make everyone understands  our BB program will continue to put the most players into Jr. High and High School programs for years to come. In reverse we will also have the most cut or not succeed at tryouts as we have the most participants. That is way the cookie crumbles. Thanks, Charles