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Coaches Letter July 30 2012

Dear Parents, It's been a great summer here at the gym.  Here is a recap of the summer and what's coming up as the kids get ready to go back to school: Fundraiser Results As we finish out July let me please thank all those who helped so much in our summer fundraiser. I will forgot a name or two so please forgive me as many help in order to pull these things off.  Jay Scolvin, Eric Jancke, Cleone Boone, Todd Torregano, and Cindy Babcock were instrumental from start to finish with help from many others. To everyone who helped and came thank you. We raised right around $5,500.00 and had expenses around $2,200.00. For the event being in summer and not during Spring AAU like last year, we did great. We will do a Casino Night on September 15 which won’t be a fundraiser but will be a lot of fun for our parents to get together and spent time without balls bouncing. Cost will be $50.00 a couple which will include gambling money, food and drinks. We will auction off prizes for the ones that have money at the end of the evening. Will be tons of fun so plan on it, in fact invite a friend or two. Remember no crazies and no one we don’t like. LOL, but seriously. Summer Basketball Recap For basketball, we are closing out July and it has been better than last year. We will go with games thru second week in August. This session of 3 on 3 has met all expectations; in fact we are looking into opening it up to outside teams next summer as an extra league. We will still make all of our players play under our staff guidance but have a secondary open league. Our internal league is by far the best thing we do at our facility for training to become better basketball players. It is the core of what players need to compete and understand their strengths and weaknesses. If we could get everyone to buy into the 3 on 3 that would be what we would do year round with AAU in spring. There is no hiding in 3 on 3. Fall Basketball Registration As we close out the summer session we are now starting REGISTRATION for the fall session. It goes thru August.  The fall session is August thru December. This time frame will encompass the following: Fall AAU and Developmental League, Mini Ballers, Biddy League and All Stars and hopefully the West St. Tammany League. In addition the session will contain training for those entering Jr. High and High School programs as well as those just looking for training alone. We will have enough times and days to accommodate soccer as well as when recreation basketball starts. You will be able to do both like last year. We strongly encourage our players to play rec. ball they are our best advertisement. Speed & Agility Program Update New to our facility will be a Speed and Agility trainer. His name is Gavin Guidry and he currently trains several of our older players now and comes heavily recommended by parents and students. Before bringing him on I talked and explained what our players needed and what was not needed on behalf of our players. I explained what we as a basketball staff were trying to accomplish and how he could assist. I hear it all the time from these trainers about cutting tenths of seconds and inches in vertical and so on and on. That would be great if our players were playing in the NFL or NBA- they aren’t. These guys forget who they are training and what the student needs. Hell, I told him cut off 1 second from a 6.5 for 40 yrds to a 5.5 and the kid is a hero (teach student to run straight line and he or she cuts off 5/10 of a second, lol ).  That is reality for 95% of kids these guys train.  Gavin understands what we are looking for, he will be doing a lot of the same things Karl Frank did for us when he worked with our players. Our kids need form, technique, flexibility before they need to worry about all the mindless measurements.  Gavin will be putting out fliers this week at the gym and will start 3rd week in August. Leadership Program Beginning Coach Kenny will be starting up his fall Leadership Boot Camp on Sunday evenings. It is by invitation only and you will be contacted by letter. There will be two camps, one will be for older players and one for younger ones. Letters will be going out in 2 weeks. New Schedule We will be changing up our fall schedule a bit and it will take affect late August or Sept 3rd. We will notify everyone. In addition we will have new classes that are specific to certain skills. Such as:
  • Advanced Ball Handling
  • Scoring the Ball Skills
  • Shooting Classes
  • AAU Select Teams
We have been asked to do these in the past and will do them now. However these classes will be for specifically skilled players. Not all players are eligible to take these classes. A certain skill level is required in order to participate. Our staff will decide. For those players going into Jr. High and high school we are also well aware of what you can and can’t do as an organized unit. We deal with it every year and our players are fine. You guys are being trained not coached. Congratulations – Summer Camp Roundup Lastly I want to congratulate all our players who attended camps this summer around the country. First for having the desire to get better, second the confidence to compete and thirdly for behaving like you are expected. I heard from camp instructors from all over and it was all the same. WE SHOULD BE VERY PROUD OF OUR PLAYERS. I am and we are. If your child can make it thru what we put them through then any camp, clinic or private workout will be a walk in the park. No one has invented anything new in basketball in 50 yrs and if it can be done than your child has seen it and mostly likely done it. Thanks, Charles