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Coaches Letter April 5 2013

Hello all, hopefully everyone had a great Easter. We are still somewhat in vacation mode at the gym as some schools are still off. Things are progressing nicely with the teams. For those who attend practices you can see the players re-grasping the fastbreak aspect of our training. This is important since many of our local players rarely fastbreak and choose to walk the ball up court. Not us, fast- pushing-decisions on the run- under defensive pressure. Make game easier as they get older. Tough part of this is they all have a position based on where they are on court and what their teammate does. Our offense is slowly taking shape. The regulars are adding options that are making scoring easier while the newest players are learning that they have responsibilities and are accountable. For some this is a big change. We have started teaching the press break and working on our defense this month. Most of the practice will be devoted to these two components of our game. Practice is now becoming more comfortable to our players as we are only adding bits and pieces to the original sets we have. As we play games you should see more of our training in the players and look to see what you child is doing versus the other players or players that have been with us for a while. See if your child blocks out on shots, runs the court properly on fastbreaks versus just running to a spot for offense. See if your child is really guarding a player or just standing next to them. They need to guard for a minimum of 3-4 dribbles. See if they really know the offense or do they react after other’s tell them to move. These are aspects to their training that they should be starting to get more comfortable with. Right now many are still thinking versus playing and reacting to what is happening on the court. Again we will change a few players when needed to get a good mix of talent and no matter who is on the court they should still be able to play together like they have been doing it for years. That is our goal. Remember we are a training facility first, your child’s growth and development is our focus. Training is first, second and third. Games fourth. Ability to put on a jr. high and high school uniform and playing is priceless. Do us a favor and make sure when your child comes to games they have ref. money. If we don’t pay it is hard to play. If you can’t make your teams game, email or text me prior. By Friday morning. One last thing all our coaches are volunteers and have been with us for a while or in program for a while. As I state all the time if you have a concern contact me and we can work it out. So far no problems but some confusion.     GYM NEWS Crawfish Boil is next Saturday 5:00- till.  Need tickets back by the 8th, bring to your practice. Most tickets sold get the Dr. Dre Beats headphones. We are in desperate need of some auction items. We have a Boat Cruise on the Tchefuncte, Beautiful Jewelry Hotel Stays in New Orleans, Parking spot right by door- With your name on it, Team theme Baskets and some Gift Certificates from local business. Nothing like we have had in past. If you can help it would be greatly appreciated. Bring friends and family it will be a great time. Uniforms are in at A&J. Pick them up. Team parents, still need a few teams Water Fountain has been installed, thank you Todd and if you ever dump Kristina call me. Getting ready to put in concession stand and finish up bathroom. Summer Camps- We have them posted on web. This year we have professionals coming in doing them. From Cheer Camps to Priola/Alphonso Basketball Camps to Sports Camps. All will be staffed by professionals and have before and after times. Please pass onto family and friends. Leagues- No more need to play only rec ball. AAU will be followed by our summer 3 on 3 training and leagues and then in the fall we will do AAU fall ( SEPT-NOV) followed by West St. Tammany League (NOV-JAN.). The WST leagues will be for 5/6, 7/8, 9/10 yr olds. We did it for the first time last year and was very beneficial to our players. Lastly I get this all the time we take kids anytime. If you have friends that would benefit from what we are doing please share your experience. I don’t advertise nearly enough because of limited funds and it kills me when we get 1/12 yr olds and up who come to us from tour area and never heard of us till recently. We get 4-6 a month saying that. I’m very limited in what I can do a the rec gyms and paper is now almost useless. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Again thank for your time, your belief and your patience. At times this is easy and other times not so. Thanks, Charles