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Coaches Letter April 30 2012

Dear Parents, Great News the final goal was put up Friday at 5:00 so there was no need for me to go to jail. Saturday games all 22 of them went off with no problems. The gym was as full as it could be and outside of being screamed at by a visiting woman from the coast no police were needed.  I kept my mouth shut because she had me by a few pounds. The Northshore is taking the Kenner trash out of me. A successful day. A few more answers to questions that I have gotten over the past few weeks.

How do we form teams?

We want to have no more than 10 players and usually 7-9 is our goal. We want 2 above avg. players that would be perceived as leaders or are working on becoming leaders, 2-3 solid avg. players and 2-3 somewhat beginners to our program or even bb. Our desire is to be competitive but our goal is to make the 2 really good players become true leaders -they bare the weight of the success of the team. The 2-3 avg. players then see what it takes to be the best and they then want to do the same as far as hard work, dedication and unselfishness to become leaders.  The last 2-3 see what it takes to be part of our program and then they work hard and get better to become the next wave of mid-level players for the next team they are on. It is a cycle of ACHIEVEMENT. That is our system that is what we are about. You will notice there is a different degree of butt chewing at times. The leaders get a little more of it, the mid-level players get some as well but they get a lets get better, do you don want to be good, work harder speech as well. The lower end get work harder, you will get it, pay attention, no pressure confidence boosters. The 2 or so leaders get the I’m disappointed, you let your teammates and parents down, this won’t be tolerated lecture, your teammates look to you, then they get the hug, prove me wrong about you- talk.  If you have questions about this ask some of the parents that have been around a while, it sort of works.

Can’t we be more competitive?

Yes we can if we played the same groups together each year like other groups in our area do. That is not how you get better; you get better by new teammates and new challenges. For all the local teams that stay together in our area, none of them are any good outside our area and no individual has really accomplished anything at any local High School. They were the best in rec. leagues while in High School games they can’t get a shot off or handle the ball under pressure. They were better athletes with somewhat above avg. skill, knowledge, size or aggression. Later when nature evens the playing fields everybody is pretty much the same. Then it becomes the High School coach is an Idiot, not that your kid has progressed since 8th grade…..What you learned- not who you are- matters then. My daughter is a perfect example of this type of team selection process. She is one of the best players’ boys or girls to come out of our area in many years for personal accomplishment. All everything-state, district, metro, mvp and on and on and on. Her talent and achievement came from the work we do in our gym when she was younger as she got older the select thing came into play and she plateaued.  In my eyes she has not progressed as a player for three years because she has played with select garbage state and national AAU title teams that diminished her personal game for the benefit of the coach or team. Use us to make your game better don’t worry about wins and losses.  Three years ago I was an Idiot when I voiced my opposition today I’m Albert Einstein in her eyes. Each year our teams change personnel based on new players and plans we have for certain players. This then takes time to build back our team chemistry, this makes you change your game and mindset.  Makes you better.

My child is not doing as well as X.

My canned response is “ Your child is right where he or she belongs progress wise based on what he or she puts into the training.” We have players that stay year round with us, that is why they are that good. It takes the average new player in our group 4 months to get comfortable, one year for me to say he or she is one of us. Good or bad, we are a different mindset and attitude. If you’re so so about the commitment your child is most likely so so on the court. Nothing risked nothing gained. Ask you rec. ref about our players who play rec. ball they will tell you they can pick our players out in a second, no matter if they are good or bad.  Different mindset. It is not all about bb it is about respect for self, others, the game.  You have to pay a price to be good unless you are a freak athlete and that is only good as long as you are freakish.  Stick with us and you will see, jump back and forth and you get what you get.  It takes time to be good at this game, it is as much mental and skill and we do both. Your child will learn what it takes to achieve on their own. Lastly thank you to the helpers this past Saturday, you know who you are. I’m thankful to have such great friends and our organization is thankful as well.  Our Fundraiser is scheduled for May 19th , Crawfish, drink and silent auction, at our gym. Your attendance as well as friends will be greatly appreciated. If you are in a position to offer a gift for our fundraiser please contact me. Monies raised will go towards completion of upstairs bathroom and second court completion. We will be registering for our summer 5 man 3 on 3 basketball league shortly. Information will be a gym. Let your friends know, we will do internal teams as well as take teams from outside.  I will be posting times for personal training slots for June and July. Getting back into it. Ryan will be doing it as well.   Thanks, Charles