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Coaches Letter April 17 2012

Dear Parents,    We are now really into the AAU / YBOA season. I will talk to you about some of the questions, concerns   and other things that come up that you will have questions on concerning our organization, other organizations etc.

Select Teams

First of all, I have had several calls about the Select teams.  Let me address a few things about them.These are teams made up mostly with our experienced talented players that want more of a level of advanced play and player commitment.  They are structured to play tougher teams and goal is to win. This means not all playing time is fair. This also means they will be focusing more on team play than player development. What the regular teams are structured for is player development. We then use the other teams to see where we are and where we need to get to. Until you’re in 9th grade your focus should be on player development, unless your child is the tallest, fastest, meanest, most coordinated player for his or her age. As someone who has seen every side of this issue I see more kids and parents thinking their kid is the best and they need to play on the best teams. That is great for putting trophies in the room but unless you’re the stud on the team you are just along for the ride. In 8th or 9th grade the ride ends then you realize you are avg. height ,speed, temperament with no leadership skills or bb IQ and the only one playing in High School with any fanfare is the stud player your coach brought onto team to make you team top notch. We do “Select” because the kids and parents want something more, so against my better judgment I allowed it with the understanding the players still needed to come to skill days on Mon. and Tues. to continue to focus on personal development. So far so good, there will always be issues but we can resolve those as they arise. I get asked what I would do with my daughter.  I would play her on an avg. to worst team available, this would make her improve her skills, leadership, focus and build a sense of competition within herself to get better.  Hopefully we have the right formula for these select teams.

Playing Up

Second thing is playing up in age or grade to get better. Unless you child is destroying their own groups there is no need to play up. I know; they play better with the older kids, want to know why? Because there is no pressure on them for the teams success or failure. Easy playing up, tougher being the one responsible for their own teams accomplishments.

Why do we run only one offense?

Third thing is the question - Why don’t we have various offenses so we can adjust during the games? We teach a basic Zone motion offense that can be adapted to man if necessary. The skills we teach for the offense are exactly what are the basic bb skills needed to play any offense your child may encounter. From catching the ball correctly facing the goal with the proper pivot foot, to getting into triple threat or attach stance to being able to bring the ball properly to the release point for passing. There are various other things needed as well and don’t properly they can and should be enough to work well in games. As they get more comfortable with knowing the system and how to execute it they will become much better at scoring the ball. Happens every year.  Lastly on this, learning one offense with all its options properly will take the 5 months.

Why do we have different coaches?

Fourth thing - Different Coaches at games:  We do this on purpose so that we can get a different view on how groups are progressing. What I see may be different from Ryan, Kenny or one of our other coaches. We talk after the weekends and focus training on what the players are having a hard time executing in games.

Upcoming Practice Goals

This month and next we will be focusing on Defense and Rebounding.  This is where we will start really challenging your child to become more physical and comfortable with getting close to someone and aggressive while on the court. Getting fouls is an ok thing. This will help us narrow the gap on other teams because right now the teams that are having a hard time are being “lay-uped” to death and intimated. The next month will transition our teams to being more aggressive and assertive on the court.

What should you focus on as a parent?

What you should look for as a parent while your child plays:
  • First off their ability to understand the system we have. This is run the offense, be in the right position, make good strong passes and feel comfortable with the ball in their hands.
  • Secondly play aggressive defense and be able to stay with their player during picks, mis- directions etc.
  • Look to see if your child blocks out on shots or just runs to the goal. We teach block out and will correct during the game repeatedly.
  • Fast breaking- we do this all week, we want to push the ball as fast as possible to get the other team in bad situations. Every player has a spot and knows where to go, doesn’t always happen.
  • These are simple things to look for and if we as coaches are any good you will see your child doing these actions.

Tournament Fees – Pay Them Please

Lastly and very important if you are on a team and your team plays a game it is your responsibility to pay game or tourney fees---Whether you make the game or not. I try my best to keep fees down to as low as possible and one of the best ways is to put 8-10 players on a team and split the game/tourney fee equally. When you don’t come or pay the burden falls on me to cover shortfall. To date I’m down $425.00. Ya Ya Ya  I know what I should do but I expect the people that we have in our organization to do their fair share so everyone can enjoy the experience including me. If you failed to show or pay this past week’s fees or any of the previous weeks feel free to pay this week while at practice. Next week we are in Denham Springs and then at our gym for the 28th. When we will be using both courts or I will be in jail for a crime. Then I will need the tourney fee monies.

Our Goal

Remember this - we are about player development for your child now and in the future. We use the other teams and organizations to make your child better at basketball and life. We take this very seriously. Our goal for your child is to be able to come back home and be the best at his school, playground, church etc. We will instill confidence in self and game while trying to build leadership and accountability qualities in your child. In the end we want a quality Jr. High and High School career for your child but at the same time we want a child everyone respects and likes. That is our goal and that is what we work towards.

A Few Other Things

New Bleacher Help Needed If possible we could use dads to help put together the new stands on Wednesday at gym around 6:00pm.  Please bring wrenches and screwdrivers.  Video Systems In Place Our audio/video system is in place. We will video games and practices for player development.
Boot Camp About to Start
Sam Mearridy our Morning Boot Camp Director will be at gym this week in evening discussing his speed and agility program. Sam will be in charge of this area for us. He is formerly of Lift and presently works with players now. Our goal is to get our players the speed, jumping, agility, lateral movement and overall athleticism needed to play and perform better. Program will be on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday in evening.  Cost is $50 per month for Titans players which gets you 3 workouts per week.  Cost will be more for non-Titans families.
New Gear for Sale
Parent T-Shirts on sale now in Gym. As we go to league play and tournament games this is a good way to show where your from. You will see other groups with their shirts, so get them while they last. Cost is 10.00 per shirt. Make checks out to me.
Spring Fundraiser
Spring Fundraiser will be May 19. It will be  our second annual Crawfish Boil. All you can eat and drink. Details upcoming.
Will need itmes for silent auction and think about inviting an additional family that may be interested in our programs to the event. As always no crazies please.
Summer Camp Info
Summer Camp is on line and I will be posting my Guard, Forward and Shooting Clinics this week. The shooting camp will be a continual weekly session throughout June and July for 1 group of players only. There will be limited spaces available for it. The guard & forward clinics will be open to 8 per session. All my personal clinics will need to be pre-paid.
Summer 3 on 3 Registration Soon
We will shortly be registering for our Summer 5 man 3 on 3 League. This will be our second year doing this and should be even better. This is truly the best way to learn basketball. In mid June we will start the process of teaching the 3 on 3 techniques of pick n roll, pass and pick away, off the ball screening and other variations of this type of basketball. In addition we will try to play the older players late into the night as some type of entertainment and a place to be instead of other less desirable locations. Games will be in July and First week in August on Saturdays, training will start mid June.
  Thanks, Charles