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Boys Schedule 4.8.16

Location Abita Spring at our home gym. Bring $6 for each game played. Be preparred to turn those fees in at the door. Admission $5, concessions will be provided, but will include snacks and drinks only. Remember that parking is tight and that sseating is limited. DO NOT PARK ON THE CONCRETE PAD in front of the property. Court 1
  • 8th grade - 9:00am  Blake R, Hayden, Bollinger, Duece, Austin, Braxton, 3Met
  • 9th Grade - 10:10am Mahonies, Delacruz, Jack, Connor McCormick, JacobL, Colin F, Dylan D, Andrew M
  • 8th grade - 11:20am Christian W, Jacob L, Marshal, Austin, Brendon T, 3Met
  • 9th Grade 12:30 pm  - Nick T, Jacob L, Colin Q, Jack, Josh, Isiah, Hooter, Alex E.
  • 1:40pm - Chase, Danny, Andrew Z, Luke, Ben, Ty, Scotty, Grant, Lionel
  • 2:50pm -Nick, Zack, Cameron, Peyton, Noah, Jackson, Addison, Kenli
  • 4:00pm   Oliver, Ryan, Reece, Conor C, Birch, Cole, Nick, Nolen
Court 2
  • 9:00am Nick, Cole, Bryce, Addison, Kenli, Isabel, Kierra
  • 10:10am  Isabel, Zack, Addison, Kenli, Brice, Peyton, Noah, Jackson
  • 1:40 pm Cole, Connor C, Reece, Ryan, Birch, Hayden, Nolen, Connor P
  • 4:00pm Noah, Peyton, Jackson, Zack, Cameron, Connor P, Birch, Cole