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A Letter from Coach Charles

Hello Parents,

We are in the back end of July and I want to update you on the 3 on 3 training we are conducting. Also like to update you on what we are doing next, plus a few extra’s. Our 3 on 3 program we are conducting is SIMPLY THE BEST PROGRAM WE DO FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF YOUR CHILD. PERIOD. Why is this and why is it not Spring Travel Ball Training or Fall Pre Jr.-High/Middle School Training?

3 on 3 Training teaches you real Basketball. Playing 5 on 5 or Fall Training assumes you know how to play REAL BASKETBALL. Our Coaches in the Spring are equal to or Better than the High School Coaches your child will play for. Our Coaches can scheme the talent they have to compete and win. The players are talented enough either thru skill, athleticism, IQ, or toughness to win. The challenge is to marry all 4 of those segments into one player. Trying to marry those 4 segments is why we do what we do and how we do it. My trainers are more than talented enough to supply your child with SKILL, IQ and TOUGHNESS. The last piece is athleticism comes from you with some assistance from us. With all that said our 3 on 3 starts the process to SKILL, IQ, and TOUGHNESS. PERIOD. Missing 3 on 3 assumes your child is already developed. Lastly in respect to our 3 on 3 and or Training year-round. I hear quite often “my child needs a break”. We ask you to train 2x’s during the week and play on Saturday’s, 2-4x’s a month or when you can. That amount of training doesn’t need a break, in fact many people don’t come to us because they think we train to little. Those outside players have a different attitude, expectation and those are the players that we are trying to better and compete against.

Last Saturday was an outstanding day for 3 on 3 play. Our younger groups did fantastic and was the first Saturday they looked like they knew what to do and how to do it. That is the trick- KNOWING WHAT TO DO AND HOW TO DO IT. I hear all the time my High School Coach is no good. I smile and, in my head, think that is because he or she doesn’t have many basketball players, he or she has kids that play basketball. I look forward to even better Saturday and training sessions. Let me give you some insight to what you should be looking for. Does my child have any idea of what to do and how good does he or she do it? Here is what we look for- effort, focus and some success. If we get those 3 aspects, we can make a basketball player. Repetition of proven drills and development of self confidence is what will make your child a player.

To date we have taught: PICK AND ROLL, SLIP THE PICK, SLIP THE PICK AND POST, UCLA CUTS, POCKET PASSES, DROPSTEPS, BALL FLASHES, PICK AND SWITCH CALLS and a ton more skills. From this point on we will focus on toughness, rebounding and posting up and playing BIG. Lack of these aspects makes coaches not so good coaches. Soft players and players who only shoot and don’t rebound because they are scared and soft have no place on any team. Winning teams have common factors. TOUGH, REBOUNDING is always a part of any winning team.

We will continue 3 on 3 thru end of August. Mid-August we will start REGISTRATION FOR PRE JUNIOR HIGH AND MIDDLE SCHOOL TRAINING. We will continue with SYBA and Chapapeella. This session will go from Mid-August thru December. We will train and play games on Saturday’s. For those who make school teams you can still train and play on Saturday’s with us. Lastly, I will type it again as I do every year. For those who make school teams and are not top 3-4 players on the team you need to especially keep training with us. Those junior high n middle school teams will not develop your child. It is not their fault; they are trying to win. Many are not capable of player development. Training with us will give you a much better chances of making the team again next year and BEING A FACTOR on the team and not just a uniform.