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5/21/16 Schedule

We have a list of boys who did not pay their State Tournament Fees. Please, do not make us track you down. We'll be expecting to see you Monday night. Text Ann to make arrangements for payment. 985-264-6552 Ladies, mark your calendars for GIRLS YBOA STATE TOURNAMENT in Denham Springs. May 27-28th Tournament fees will be $40 per player and will be collected NEXT WEEK at the gym. Fees must be paid prior to the event.  The following players are to report to the NSP Titans gym Saturday at 10:00am Chase, Danny R, Alex, Harrison, Cade, Jackson, Grant, Anthony, Oliver, Birch, Connor P, Nick, Lionel, Ty, Jaden, Haden, Mason, Cold D, Luke, Caleb M, Jada Players will scrimmage three quarters, then view film of that scrimmage. PARENTS are invited to attend film viewing, and are encouraged to bring folding chairs as seating is limited. Combined sessions will end at approximately 12:15-12:30pm. Coach Ryan's Baton Rouge teams MCKINNLEY middle 1550 Eddie Robinson st Coach Ryan's, 20 dollars for the day 9th Grade   1230   4pm Tyson Blake Conner Seth  Walker Dylan hooter Jacob Harrington Jack Cross 10th Grade  10:50   1:20  3:00 CJ Ethan Bubba Colon Josh Matt Kyron Charlie  Reese Girls Teams  8th grade girls 10:50am and 12:30am Grace S, Meghan, Lauryn, Bren, Tee, Courtney, Rachel, Jada, Bri Warren, Audrey 10th Grade 10:00am and 11:40am Jordan A, Dan P, Jaden P, Claire, Angelle, Shawna, Paige, Ciera, Sam T, Ashley MCKINNLEY middle 1550 Eddie Robinson st