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4.30.16 BOYS Schedule

5th grade teams and under are off this weekend. Games will be held at Northshore Sportsplex from 8AM till 8PM. Volunteers are needed to assist with the clock and books throughout the day. Players, please take responsibility for keeping the benches clean regardless of whether it's your bench or not. It's OUR gym, and WE should take pride in it. Ladies, if there are a few of you interested in helping cover the door for short periods during the day please, inbox me. $6 per game for fees, plus admission. Players, we hold you responsible for making sure your ref. fees are paid up. Please don't wind up on the naughty list that Coach Charles gets at the end of the day. NO PARKING ON THE CONCRETE in front of the gym. And warn new comers if you see it happening. The area has ONE SIGN that STILL does not clearly designate the area as No Parking to incoming traffic. And yet the tow truck was at the gym recently to haul away a NSP parents vehicle. We know how packed it is and that there is little to no room. You can park beside the concrete next to the 18 wheeler if you need to. Court 1 8:00am 8th grade Deuce, Tony, Austin, Jack C, Japheth, Hayden, Thomas, London, Connor M 9:05am 7th grade Dylan C, Alex E, Jesse, Kevin, Connor, Gareth, Cuccia, Christian W 11:15am 7th grade John Henry, Colin, Caleb, Jack, Blake, Brady B, Scotty, Lionel, Canyon 12:20pm 8th grade Dylan A, Deuce, Brenden, Ben H, Devoe, London, Hayden, Walker 1:25 pm 7th grade John Henry, Brian S, Harrison, Nathan, Jesse, Scotty, Jack Dehmer, Kaleb Del 2:30 pm, 6:50pm 10th grade CJ, Ethan, Kyron, Bubba, Josh, Colin, Christian, Charlie, Cameron, Regas 3:35pm, 7:55pm 11th grade Christian Jones, Reese, Jacoby, Sean, Zach, Regas, CJ, Chandler, Christian H Court 2 8:00am 8th grade Isiah, Dylan D, Mahoney , Blake B, Marshal, 4 from Metarie 9:05am 7th grade Brady B, McMahon, Blake Bollinger, Caleb Del, Nathan, Jeremy A, Scotty 11:15am 7th Grade Andrew Z, Cade, Ty, Chase, Danny R, Ben, Danny S, Luke S, Mason 12:20pm 8th Grade 4 from Metarie, Blake R, Andrew M, Alex R, Jacob L, Mahoney 1:25pm 7th Grade Jack, Oliver, London, Christian W, Lionel, Connor M, Kevin 3:35pm, 7:55pm 9th grade Blake R, Connor Mc, Brandon Daniel, Seth, Jacob Harrington, Tyson, Andrew Moore, Thomas, Bryce 5:45pm, 6:50pm 9th grade Walker, Jacob Lauderbach, Deuce, Austin, Jack, Tyler, Jordan, Bryce, Brandon Danielles.