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1/26/18 Friday Update

Ok My Friday Update:

Winter Recreation League:

Saturday n Sunday will finish up our Leagues. Sunday Times for our Middle and Uppers Teams will not be finalized till games are finished on Saturday. Our Developmental league tourney is Saturday only.

Because we are playing so many multiple games on Saturday n Sunday admission will be 3.00 per person to cover our Referee fees.

We will have a full concession set up for both days all day long. Candy, Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, Drinks, etc.


AAU /YBOA Meeting is February 3 at 2:00.

You need to attend as many changes are happening n some things we will Be first come first get opportunities. Will last 90 min.

We will sign up for Summer Camps n get fitted for uniforms for those without them.

Summer camp is a requirement to play With is in Spring.


I want to Congratulate the MJH Patriot 8th gr Basketball Team for winning the league n tourney championship yesterday. First Time in School History n going undefeated. This goes on top of Last year FJH with London, Jack n Michael winning it for their school for the first time in about 20 years. We have quit a few players on this team as well as the coach is a trainer at my facility. Being proud of their accomplishment is great but watching our players perform as trained was the best. There were moments when they were stellar n moments when they were not.

There was never a moment where there wasn’t fight in their body n a never give in or up moment in their head.

I told an opposing fan during the game that whatever the outcome I could not be more proud of my guys. They took the bullets as we say for years and years n never wavered on the opportunity to stand front n center and say, it will start n end on me.

We don’t train to be a team, we train to be exceptional players on a team. You don’t get that by being ordinary or doing ordinary things, you get that by being realistically judged every day n every play by a group of people not concerned about your feelings but driven by the person we want you to become. Basketball and all it’s glory n failure is a lesson n tool I use to make us better a people.

After the game I watched each one of my guys celebrate with their team, parents n fans. Then walk and become humble when shaking to opposing teams hands. The job isn’t complete until that is done. On the court we make no bones about it, we want to be bullies, we want to destroy you mind n body but after it is over, we respect the outcome n move on. That is what makes my organization n I proud. We will never back down from the challenge.

You may not like me or how I do things but you should want me for these type moments in your child’s life. Sometimes it happens earlier sometimes later. sometimes the outcome is defeat but the feeling my players get is from self achieving a feeling that can’t be BOUGHT. That is today’s world is priceless.

So to all our TITAN supporters thank you for your confidence in my trainers n I n for all of you critics n haters. Keep on, you drive my organization n I. I truly do appreciate you.

Your my chip for me and my players.