We believe that the best way to find out about what we do is to find out what others have to say.  Below are several testimonials from parents of children in our program:  
A Letter from a Coaching Dad, In growing increasingly frustrated last January with the progress of my child’s raw basketball skill in the local (Dads controlled) recreation districts I turned to you guys, knowing Charles Tracy from my days as Assistant Varsity Basketball Coach at St. Paul’s. I was not sure of what to expect, however when I saw the individual attention paid to the kids, how personal the staff is by calling each kid by name , and the enthusiasm that the kids have for the game of basketball due to what they are getting at the Nothshore Sportsplex, I was sold. One of my biggest complaints about the Northshore as a High School basketball coach is that the great sport of basketball that teaches so many life lessons besides how to play the game takes a back seat to sports such as soccer and full time baseball. Personally the growth and zest for the greatest game in existence that I have seen in Bryan since February is amazing. I see him pick up a basketball every day either dribbling with different moves, working on form shooting, taking game shots, doing lane slides , and zig-zag defensive slide drills. It has been a pleasure to see him grow skill wise and in his court IQ. When we went to the Joe Dean Dixie Basketball Camp where I have worked as a coach for the last 7 years, the coaches told me on more than one occasion how they noticed the vast improvements in Bryan’s game since last year. He was a real threat on his 5 on 5 team and won the 3 on 3 championship which is the toughest trophy to get in the camp . As I watched his improvements especially at Dixie I could not help but feel a debt of gratitude towards Charles and his great staff at the Northshore Sportsplex. I am entering my 4th season as Assistant Varsity Basketball Coach at Slidell High School. I see young people reach the high school level still as raw as they were on the first day of 8 year old biddy practice. They have talent but nobody to develop that talent. I appreciate The Northshore Sportsplex in being pioneers in turning more of our young Northshore athletes to the game of basketball. Former New Jersey Senator Bill Bradley who still holds the record for the most points scored in a final 4 game for Princeton once said “Basketball is a window to a person’s soul.” I firmly believe this and for this reason I give my ringing endorsement of the Northshore Sportsplex as a great place for a young player to develop their individual skills, team skills, game IQ, and mature as a young person. Sincerely, Michael Gowland Head Coach Fountainbleau High School  
 A Letter From Another Coach My son John Henry has played for Charles Tracey and his coaches for the past year and I feel privileged to have them coach my child.  As a result of his coaching, my son loves the game of basketball and spends most of his free time around the house playing the sport and working on the skills he has learned from Charles.  In addition, they have helped my son improve not only as an athlete, but as a confident young man. Charles and his staff have a tremendous passion for the game and the ability to coach players at every level of the game.  The coaches stress the importance of basketball fundamentals and team play.  They treat every player equally and play no favorites.  They have a gift of getting the most out of my son. The quality of his practices is second to none.  I am also blessed with Charles’ ongoing humor, wisdom, and graciousness which are a wonderful model for coaches at any level. John White St Thomas Aquinas Head Basketball Coach 2010 Louisiana State Champs  
More than Just a Game...A Testimonial from Kari Ousterhout From Coach Charles: Kari is the type girl you wish your daughter to be and girl you hope you son marries. Kari will go to college this fall as a Val Victorian of Mandeville High School with a GPA of 4.7. She has been awarded thousands of dollars in scholarship as you can imagine but had she wished she could have just as easily had a basketball scholarship as well. WE made her a better basketball player, taught her a little about life, she was already smart when we got her, so we can't claim that achievement. Read this inspirational letter written by Kari which talks about her experiences in our program. >Click here to read Kari's letter  
A Parent's Testimonial from Stephanie & Larry Popovich From Coach Charles: We received a testimonial letter from the Popovich family that we'd like to share with everyone.  Many of you know their son Wyatt who is a senior at St. Paul's and is headed off to play college ball this fall. Letters like these are great, because it's from a parent who has seen their kid all the way through the process.  Hopefully it will offer a bit of hope to those of you with kids in our program. > Click here to download the testimonial letter from the Popovich Family