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A Special Welcome From the Coach

Titan Girls ScrimmageHello, and thank you for visiting our web site. My name is Charles Tracey and I am the owner and Executive Director of the Northshore Sportsplex. We are excited that you have discovered us! I would like to take this time to explain to you the purposes and goals of NSSP. First and foremost, we are a TEACHING facility which stresses the fundamentals, skills and proper training techniques for all aspects of basketball. We strive to teach the entire game and not just a position. In doing this, our forwards and centers learn to dribble/handle the ball and our guards learn to box out and rebound. Our athletes train and play at a level that requires commitment, focus, participation and accountability.  Some say we are old school, yet that’s not a bad thing.  Here at NSSP, all of our athletes are held accountable for their personal work ethic and commitment to the team.  Basketball is a sport in which skill development and aggression is essential. We cannot make your child an accomplished player by just training him/her twice a week. All players must commit to going home and working on the drills that they have learned.  In doing this, players will develop SELF-CONFIDENCE in themselves and their abilities.  This new found confidence will allow your child to perform at a higher level both on and off the court.  We strive to make our kids better basketball players and better people. There is a great difference between athleticism and skill; many parents and recreation coaches don’t see this.  At NSSP, we understand the difference and make a point to teach skill each and every day. Tall and fast are great inherited traits, but when the size doesn’t pan out and everyone else has gotten just as fast, the days of being better than the others are coming to an end. We want your child to be athletic and skilled. Area recreation teams with watered down leagues and rules have ill equipped your child to compete outside of our community in the sport of basketball.  We will give them the tools and skills to be confident in themselves first and then challenge them to show the same confidence off the court.  Our players who wish to play Junior High and High School will be prepared for what coaches require of athletes at the next level.  The local coaches know and endorse us, and I work with them to understand their team’s needs. This is a distinct advantage we provide.  In 10+ years, we have trained and/or coached players from as far as the Gulf Coast to Dehnam Springs, NOLA and from North Tangi and at every level of development.  In those years, Titans players that have achieved Jr. High and High School MVP honors, as well as District and All State awards. Our players are among those achieving the near impossible task of scoring 1,000-2,000 career points in their High School Career, and each year, we boast of committed Titans elite players moving on to the collage level. When it is all said and done, NSSP players are different than the rest. We don’t recruit for our teams; all of our players come to us.  We build our teams and players.  We take great pride in that.  We are not all gifted stars, but there is room for improvement in all. It is personal in that respect.  It is about getting better on and off the court and understanding that in order to achieve at a higher level it will take great focus, commitment and leadership. THAT IS WHO WE ARE. We will prepare your child to play a difficult, aggressive sport, against the best athletes of any sport. One of our many goals is that when we come back home and play within our area, we are the best.  If your child wants to learn the game, we can do that. If he/she just wants to be much better and shine at the recreation parks, we can do that. If he/she wants to make a team, we can do that. If he/she wants to be the best, WE ARE THE BEST! We invite you to try us out. You will be amazed at what we can do regardless of the level your child is at now.  We will change the way your child plays and views basketball. Welcome to NorthShore Sportsplex!