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  • Titans Thanksgiving Tournament Schedule

    Titans Thanksgiving Tournament Schedule

    Ok here is the schedule n the rosters for the Titan teams, St.Pauls, n FJH teams playing. For all our our Titan parents whether your child is playing for your school or us. If you could please bring your soccer chairs to gym. We will have a bunch of people coming from other teams n […]

  • Special Pelicans Offer for Titans

    Special Pelicans Offer for Titans

    Heads up Titans Fans!!!! Looking for a great Christmas gift? The Titans have a treat for you! Check out this PDF and Link to the special Titans event at the Smoothie King Center January 25, 2017. HURRY Titans!! Space is limited! and you don’t want to miss our on this offer. https://oss.ticketmaster.com/aps/pelicans/EN/link/promotion/home/6ca58b13395ad65859efb968058ed7c8c422470b northshore-titans Pelican Offer Details […]

  • October Parent News Letter

    October Parent News Letter

    Dear Parents,                                                                                                           […]

  • UNO Coach Mark Slessinger at NSP

    UNO Coach Mark Slessinger at NSP

    This Saturday UNO Head Basketball Coach, Mark Slessinger, and his players will be at our Gym at 10:15 to talk with us on what he and other coaches for when recruiting and what they see typically that is good and bad in players. That and more, you can ask questions etc. This will be great for […]

  • Saturday Schedule 9.10.16

    Saturday Schedule 9.10.16

    Saturday 3 on 3 Schedule 9:00am 3,4,5th Grade boys and girls 10:15pm 6,7 Grade boys and girls High school girls welcome as well at 10:15am Good luck to those Titans participating in the Hoops for Kids Charity Event this weekend in Covington, benefiting the Boys and Girls Clubs of America in our community.

  • September Parent Letter

    September Parent Letter


  • Labor Day Weekend Schedule

    Labor Day Weekend Schedule

    Its a HOLIDAY! And coach is giving us the ENTIRE weekend off! No scheduled 3v3 or Bigs this weekend, and NO TRAINING MONDAY!!! Enjoy your weekend, Titans family!

  • Saturday  8.27.16 Schedule

    Saturday 8.27.16 Schedule

    Saturday 3 on 3 Schedule 9:00am 3,4,5 grade boys n girls 10:15am 6,7 grade boys n girls High school girls come as well. At 10:15

  • Thursday night schedule AND notes!

    Thursday night schedule AND notes!

    Thursday High School League 7:00 LHS v. FHS MHS v. Titans Titans are: Evan, Seth, Ben H, Deuce, Charlie, Blake R, Walker, Japeth 8:00 LHS v. MHS FHS v. Titans Titans are: Blake B, Blake R, Berke, Kevin, London, Dylan D, Caleb D. DONE FORGET!!! Texas hold um Friday night. Donations for flood victims (PET […]

  • Parent Letter from Coach 8.14.16

    Parent Letter from Coach 8.14.16

    Dear Parents,                                      8/14/16 Congratulation you made it thru summer and hopefully the rain this past weekend. As we start the fall training session I want to thank you for your support in our program and ask you to tell your friends about what we do. Doing this is a labor of love but many […]