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  • MARCH Parent letter

    MARCH Parent letter

    Hello and welcome to our 13 yr. of AAU / YBOA basketball training. We are about 1 full month into this and I want to go over several things for everyone. If you have any questions about any of this just text me during the day and I will fully explain why we do the […]

  • March 25th Schedule

    March 25th Schedule

    SCROLL ALL THE WAY DOWN! Make SURE you know where you will be. Text Coach Charles if you cannot make it to a game. Boys gr.($6.00 per game) gr.($6.00 per game) gr.($6.00 per game) 10th gr.($6.00 per game) Mckinley H.S. Mckinley H.S. Mckinley H.S. Mckinley Junior High 2:50/4:30 9:00/10:40 9:50/1:50 9:00/11:40 Kaiden Dennis Jayson Catalano […]

  • Saturday Schedule 3.18.17

    Saturday Schedule 3.18.17

    Saturday March 18th Games McKinley High School   12:30/2:10   Jason, Noah, Kollin, Patrick L, Peyton Davis, Chase A, Jackson, Bryce 9:00/ 10:55   Zack L, Jack T, Riley Hildago, Ashton, Kaden V, Maerick B, Sergio, Bryce 10:00/11:40   William L, Brian Alexander, Brynn, Tee, Jacob & Abraham P, Kaden T, 3:50/5:30      Jack Gohagen, Oliver, Ryan, Cade, Anthony […]

  • Saturday Schedule March 11, 2017

    Saturday Schedule March 11, 2017

    Saturday March 11 Games n News Our Gym Girls already know their times from me textin parents during week, any questions text me back. 5.00 per game for ref fee’s Boys: 9:00 -Andrew, Birch, Dennis, Danny R, Connor C., Reece S., DJ, Major G 11:00- Kaden, Abram, Jacob, Torin, Dawson, Anthony D, Major G, Dennis […]

  • Saturday Schedule 2.4.17

    Saturday Schedule 2.4.17

    New Player Training for NEW PLAYERS ONLY 5th Grade and up 10:00am – 11:30am No other games or training is scheduled unless contacted directly. Have a great weekend.

  • Saturday Schedule as normal **** Check back in the morning to ensure there have been no cancellations due to weather**** 9:00am –  6:00 training 10:15am –  7:00 training Also on January 15 we are invited to Southeastern Louisiana University to watch the Girls and Boys play McNeese University. The Girls start at 12:00 n boys […]

  • January 2, 2016

    January 2, 2016

    Happy New Year, Titans. Normal weekly training schedules resume this week. If you know someone new who thinks they may be interested in joining us for AAU/YBOA at the end of February, get them to the gym NOW. They’ll have some work to do before they get on the road with us. Also, remember to […]

  • Titans Thanksgiving Tournament Schedule

    Titans Thanksgiving Tournament Schedule

    Ok here is the schedule n the rosters for the Titan teams, St.Pauls, n FJH teams playing. For all our our Titan parents whether your child is playing for your school or us. If you could please bring your soccer chairs to gym. We will have a bunch of people coming from other teams n […]

  • Special Pelicans Offer for Titans

    Special Pelicans Offer for Titans

    Heads up Titans Fans!!!! Looking for a great Christmas gift? The Titans have a treat for you! Check out this PDF and Link to the special Titans event at the Smoothie King Center January 25, 2017. HURRY Titans!! Space is limited! and you don’t want to miss our on this offer. https://oss.ticketmaster.com/aps/pelicans/EN/link/promotion/home/6ca58b13395ad65859efb968058ed7c8c422470b northshore-titans Pelican Offer Details […]

  • October Parent News Letter

    October Parent News Letter

    Dear Parents,                                                                                                           […]