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  • Thanksgiving Basketball Camp

    Thanksgiving Basketball Camp

  • Evaluation Times – Fall Basketball League

    Evaluation Times – Fall Basketball League

    -Evaluation times for FALL BASKETBALL LEAGUE is this Saturday n Sunday. Let all your friends know. Looking forward to making this into a league that everyone will enjoy n learn from. Saturday November 4th Times 7/8’s @ 9:30-10:30 9/10’s @ 10:30-11:30 11/12’s @ 11:30-12:30 OR Sunday November 5th Times All Ages 10:00-11:30 Pick a day […]

  • Northshore Sportsplex Fall Basketball League

    Northshore Sportsplex Fall Basketball League

    Before you read below, let me first tell you the following: If you want to do Biddy All Stars then the Recreation Dept is your best bet. If your child is not All Star material or will be the number 5 best player to the 12th best player on the All Star team you need […]

  • Fall Basketball 2017 Program Information

    Fall Basketball 2017 Program Information

    Links to important infomration regarding fall Basketball programs.   2017 fall registration-1 Updated Scorers Academy-1 Updated Scorers Academy-1 2017 fall registration-1

  • Parent Letter 4.20.17

    Parent Letter 4.20.17

    Hello again and hopefully your Easter break and vacation is going well. I will go over some new stuff and answer a few questions I am being asked. As we are now starting the middle of April we will transition into our Defensive Skill Set Training. We use to do Defense first but soon realized […]

  • April1st Schedule

    April1st Schedule

    Saturday April 1 Schedule and Rosters Northshoresportsplex Gym 5.00 per game for Ref Fee 9:00 9:00 Addison Ashton T Sophie Chase A Peyton A Kollin Keira Noah Issabel Cameron J. Laila Nick Penn Hailey Major Davis Ashlyn Jackson P. Heidi Ladner Jada 10:00 10:00 Birch Sawyer Hayden Morel Cade Columbo Reg McIntyre Jeremy Autin Anthony […]

  • MARCH Parent letter

    MARCH Parent letter

    Hello and welcome to our 13 yr. of AAU / YBOA basketball training. We are about 1 full month into this and I want to go over several things for everyone. If you have any questions about any of this just text me during the day and I will fully explain why we do the […]

  • March 25th Schedule

    March 25th Schedule

    SCROLL ALL THE WAY DOWN! Make SURE you know where you will be. Text Coach Charles if you cannot make it to a game. Boys gr.($6.00 per game) gr.($6.00 per game) gr.($6.00 per game) 10th gr.($6.00 per game) Mckinley H.S. Mckinley H.S. Mckinley H.S. Mckinley Junior High 2:50/4:30 9:00/10:40 9:50/1:50 9:00/11:40 Kaiden Dennis Jayson Catalano […]

  • Saturday Schedule 3.18.17

    Saturday Schedule 3.18.17

    Saturday March 18th Games McKinley High School   12:30/2:10   Jason, Noah, Kollin, Patrick L, Peyton Davis, Chase A, Jackson, Bryce 9:00/ 10:55   Zack L, Jack T, Riley Hildago, Ashton, Kaden V, Maerick B, Sergio, Bryce 10:00/11:40   William L, Brian Alexander, Brynn, Tee, Jacob & Abraham P, Kaden T, 3:50/5:30      Jack Gohagen, Oliver, Ryan, Cade, Anthony […]

  • Saturday Schedule March 11, 2017

    Saturday Schedule March 11, 2017

    Saturday March 11 Games n News Our Gym Girls already know their times from me textin parents during week, any questions text me back. 5.00 per game for ref fee’s Boys: 9:00 -Andrew, Birch, Dennis, Danny R, Connor C., Reece S., DJ, Major G 11:00- Kaden, Abram, Jacob, Torin, Dawson, Anthony D, Major G, Dennis […]