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  • New Speed, Strength, Agility, & Conditioning Trainer

    New Speed, Strength, Agility, & Conditioning Trainer

    Folks we now have a Speed Strength Agility Conditioning Trainer at our gym. His Name is James Duplessis. I tried to hire James 5 yrs ago n could not. James has his own business already n works as a Coach at Fontainbleau High School. James already trains several of our players now. Next week he […]



    If your child is looking to improve their game in order to make Biddy, School or Junior High Teams, these Summer Camps will be the best vehicle to that goal. My Camps are not baby sitting services. Each child over the course of the week will improve. We use Teaching, Demonstration, Proper Basketball equipment, On […]

  • Update & Advice

    Update & Advice

    Update n Advice We are not Training Monday after Easter. We will start back on Tuesday n resume as normal. When we do our focus will turn to defense n the principals around Man To Man. We never play Zone. We do not have an Easter Camp this year, Now Advice- I get asked all […]

  • What Makes My Program Different

    What Makes My Program Different

    -What makes my program different & -what I expect from our players n parents if we are to keep our program different from coaches n dads that rent gym n balls to put teams together and play. What makes us different? -well to be honest there are 4 distinctive features but the one that selfish […]

  • Ok Update 3/18/18

    Ok Update 3/18/18

    OK UPDATE Right now for weekly training we are working on a couple skill sets for offense n we throw in a blockout rebounding drill as well just to keep a focus on that. The offensive drills are ranging from: Passing Swinging the ball Pivoting Push dribbling the ball Squaring up And several others And […]

  • AAU 2/23/18 Update

    AAU 2/23/18 Update

    Ok here we go for this weeks stuff: For all those players that are first timers to our AAU n YBOA games. We need you at 10:00 Saturday at gym to get more familiar with the offense n fast break stuff we will be doing. We are showing our sets now on Wednesday n Thursday […]

  • 2018 AAU / YBOA Training Schedule

    2018 AAU / YBOA Training Schedule

  • 1/26/18 Friday Update

    1/26/18 Friday Update

    Ok My Friday Update: Winter Recreation League: Saturday n Sunday will finish up our Leagues. Sunday Times for our Middle and Uppers Teams will not be finalized till games are finished on Saturday. Our Developmental league tourney is Saturday only. Because we are playing so many multiple games on Saturday n Sunday admission will be […]

  • League Playoff Schedule

    League Playoff Schedule


  • Winter Recreation Basketball League

    Winter Recreation Basketball League

    For Winter Recreation Basketball League Parents, this is our last week. Games will Be Saturday and Sunday. No Friday Night Games. Every team will play in a pool tourney on Saturday. Mulitiple games to determine seating for Sunday Single Elimination Tournament to decide Champions. You will not know your teams times for Sunday until your […]