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Professional Training with Coach Ryan Lewis

Ryan Lewis is one of the premier basketball trainers in south Louisiana focusing on individual and small groups to maximize personal attention and basketball skill development for all ages. In addition to personal basketball training Coach Ryan also hosts several different camps ranging from beginners skills and advanced position specific for players that want to take their game to the next level.

There are three levels of training and each level completed and perfected to advance to the next. This takes heart, desire, dedication and a pursuit of excellence:


This program will focus on establishing the Foundation For Success. From the basics to beyond, in these workouts the player will be drilled through the key skills surrounding dribbling, driving, passing, shooting, defense, footwork and finishing.


In this “training to compete” program, we will focus on the refinement of fundamental skills and movements. An added focus on separation off the dribble, catch and finish will be emphasized. We will establish a tool box of game real solutions that are must haves in every high school players game.


The Advanced Solutions program is focused on pushing the elite player to a higher level of performance. Typically players at this level do not have personal workouts advanced enough to break them through plateaus in their development. Not any more, it’s time to train hard and to train smart and this program flat out delivers!   Prices for individual sessions:
  • 40.00 per individual session
  • 140.00 package of 4- 1 hour sessions
Group prices:
  • 20 per person for group session which is 5 or more minimum 4 sessions
Dr. Dish Shooting
  • 30 for half hour and 50 for an hour minimum 4 sessions by appointment only

Special Offer:

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