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Practice Schedules

This page is home to our regular weekly training schedule, which you can find below.  For information about weekly game times, tournaments, etc., please visit our News & Announcements page for the most recent information.

Spring 2017 Training Schedule



Training Program Notes:
  • Certain players may be asked to train outside their grade for more focused development
  • Who you train with may or may not be who you play with in games
  • Do not worry about who your child is training or playing with, we have reasons
  • If your confused about anything, ask us, outside of training and game time
  • Training time is the most important aspect of our program and is treated as such
  • You are required to wear blue mesh training gear or bring a blue and a white tee shirt to training
  • Rain, sleet, hurricane, flooding, freezing etc. we still have training. We depend on you coming
  • Like northshoresportsplex on your FB, we post last minute stuff on there about games and training
  • If you want me, text me. I rarely answer the phone. Then I will call
  • Young Beginners to our program will start on Monday and Tuesday at 6:00
  • Film review times will be determined later in February
  • Bigs and Dribbling classes will be plugged in for specific players in Late February
  • Beginners will train on Monday and Tuesday at 6:00 till coaches feel they are ready to start with their proper skill or grade training group.