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AAU / Developmental Basketball League FAQ

SEASON is from February – June. We will start training in January but will start putting teams together in February and begin playing games in March. WHO IS ELIGIBLE TO PLAY  anyone training with us now or those starting in January. AGES 3 graders – High School Sophomores HOW DO WE DO THIS    we will put together AAU teams and Developmental teams. SELECT TEAMS - These teams will be formed by our coaches and will consist of upper tier players. DEVELOPMENTAL TEAMS – These teams will be formed by players that are learning our systems, game skills and fundamentals.  As players progress they can move to AAU teams TRAINING - These are players that just want to train but not play in any games Both sets of teams will play in tourneys and games from March- June. WHAT IS THE COMMITMENT -  Players will train a minimum of two times a week. Each training session will be for 75 minutes. Schedule will be available for viewing in January. COSTS
  • AAU / YBOA Training will be $140.00 a month ( 5 month commitment )
  • Training only 2x’s a week is $140.00 a month ( 4 month commitment )
  • Training only 1x a week is $90.00 a month ( 4 month commitment ) upfront by Credit card or check of $360.00
  • 1st Payment for first Feb, March, April needs to be made by Feb 14th, 2nd payment for May, June needs to be done by May 14th
  • Payment Options:
    • Direct Deposit
    • Monthly Payments
    • Credit Card
AAU/YBOA teams will play in agreed upon games and tourneys Developmental teams will play 2-3 times a month. Mostly Saturday’s only. TRAVEL    Real simple, we don’t go far. We may not ever go past 1.5 hrs. from home. No need to, we know who and where to play and can achieve our goals by playing relatively close to home or at our own gym, this in turn reduces program costs.


1.  Learn how to play Basketball from Professionals who have experienced training success thru many players from beginners to College. 2.  Gain SELF CONFIDENCE thru understanding hard work, focus, dedication and belief in self leads to success in basketball and LIFE. 3.  Become part of a group of families that have the same desire for their children to be successful and understand what sportsmanship, character and basketball are all about. 4.  That every player is important not just one. We don’t DADDY COACH and we don’t allow those type people in our organization. You won’t be aggravated by seeing one player do it all and their parent coaching them.  We don’t have adults yelling negatively from the stands during games and especially not at our gym. 5.  We personally train your child in a group setting which allows them to develop their own personal skills while at the same time understanding how those skills translate and work within a team function. We then put them in situations to experience success and or failure. We then correct and follow up with them to ensure they understand what happened, good and or bad. We make clear they are accountable to their team, coaches and parents to work to get better. 6.  Could go on and on but your child will develop the basketball skills needed for their future success in the sport. We know what the player needs because we have been doing this for some 15 years. We know what the player should know based on their age and we know how to progress them on to the next level. We are always in touch with the junior high and high school coaches in the area and abroad.

Check website for Date and Time for AAU Parent Meeting.  TBD

You can expect to be amazed at what your child can do and will do.