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Saturday March 24 Game Schedule

Game Schedule For Saturday, March 24th:

Girls at Denham Springs Jr. High

9:00    Whitney Ward, Kayla Torregano, Reilly Robertson, Erica Moore, Meghan Harmon, Emma Hodgins, Claire Schmidt, Allison Gohagen, 10:00    Indigo (plus Henley Crosby, Meghan Griffen, Delaney Mulkey) 11:00    Brass 12:00    Indigo (plus Henley Crosby, Meghan Griffen, Delaney Mulkey) 1:00    Brass 2:00    Yellow 3:00    Crimson 4:00    Gold 5:00    White Boys 6:00    Orange plus Crimson 7:00    White Boys 8:00    Orange plus Crimson Denham Springs Jr. High 401 Hatchell Lane Denham Springs LA > View map to Denham Springs Jr. High

Boys at Northshore Sportsplex

10:00    Grey (plus Charlie Rink) 11:00    Red 12:00    Purple (plus Adam Savoie and  Luke Broussard) 1:00    Navy 2:00    Blue (plus Timmy Doell, Daniel Wisenback, Reid Davis) 3:00    Brown (plus Matt Spitchley, Chandler Owenby) 4:00    Bronze 5:00    Black 6:00    Green

Boys and Girls At Harvest Academy in Hammond

2:30    Nickle 3:30    Tan (plus London Neal, Jaden Phillips, Cole Gartman) Notes:
  • If you cannot make your game, please let me know as soon as possible
  • Bring a blue and white t shirt for games
  • We will put up Addresses for the two locations by end of day
  • Each player will need to pay 5.00 per game they play to coach for refs
  • Admission will be charged in Denham and at our place of 3.00 per adult
  • Check at end of day in case of any last minute changes
  • Boys White Team plays in Denham
 Harvest Academy 43052 Yokum Road Hammond, LA 70403 > View Map to Harvest Academy