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Saturday April 28 Game Schedule

Here is the schedule for Saturday, April 28 plus a few notes:
  • Ref fees are $5 per player
  • Be at the gym 20 minutes before your game
  • Coach Ryan's team will be hosting a fundraiser and will have lots of food so come hungry and support his team
Games At NorthShore Sportsplex:
Court 1 Court 2
9:00 CYC 9th gr. vs. Titan 9th gr. CYC 6th gr. Vs Titan Purple
10:00 Frank. 8th gr. Vs. Titan Navy CYC 5th gr. Vs. Titan Brown
11:00 CYC 9th gr. Vs. Titan White Miss. Magic 6th gr. Girls vs. Yellow
12:15 Frank. 8th gr. Vs. CYC 7th gr. CYC 5th gr. Vs. Titan Bronze
1:15 CYC 7th gr. Vs. Hancock Hawks CYC 6th gr. Vs. Titan Black
2:15 Miss. Lady Bulls vs. Indigo Miss. Magic 6th gr. Girls vs. Gold
3:15 Miss. Bulls 8th gr. Vs Slate Legecy 4th gr. Vs. Blue
4:30 Lady Bobcats vs. Titan Crimson Legecy 3rd grade vs. Nickle/Tan
5:30 Hancock Hawks Vs. MGGators Miss. Lady Bulls vs. Yellow/Indigo
6:30 Miss. Bulls 8th gr. Vs. Red Lady Bobcats Vs. Titan Brass
7:30 Titan Green vs. MGGators Titan Crimson Vs. Titan Orange
Games At Nesom Jr. High (Tickfaw)
  • Titans Green 11 am / 1 pm
  • $10 per player ref fees (covers both games)