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Game Schedule May 18 & 19

Here is the game schedule for this weekend.  Please email me immediately if you cannot make your game:

Cost is $10 per player for the weekend for all players. Please pay your coaches!

Games at our gym on Saturday, May 19:

5:00 pm: Nickel 6:00 pm: Bronze 7:00 pm: Tan 8:00 pm: Bronze

Metairie - Games at Archbishop Chapelle High School

> Click here to get directions to Archbishop Chapelle Friday May 18th:      5:30    LA Ambassadors     vs    Mid City 5th 6:30    Titans Black    vs    Mid City 7th 7:30    Ascension Jaguars    vs    Mid City 5th 8:30    LA Ambassadors    vs.    Titans Grey Saturday May 19th: 9:15    NO Stallions    vs.    Titans Brown 10:15    Titans Blue    vs.    LA Ambassadors 11:15    Titans Grey    vs    NO Stallions 12:30    Titans Blue    vs.    Ascension Jaguars 1:30    Titans Brown    vs    LA Ambassadors 2:30    Mid City 6th    vs.    Titans Green 3:30    Titans Purple    vs.    NO Chiefs 4:45    Titans Navy    vs.    Mid City 7th 5:45    Mid City 7th    vs.    Titans Green 6:45    NO Chiefs    vs    Titans Purple 7:45    Mid City 6th    vs    Titans  Black 8:45    Titans Navy    vs.    Mid City 8th

Metairie - 8th & 10th Grade at Crescent City High School

> Click here to get directions to Crescent City High School Saturday May 19th 2:00    NO Chiefs    vs    Titans White 3:00    Sela Warriors    vs    Ball Hard Elite 4:00    St. Tammany Tigers    vs    Titans Slate (Saqouri, James, Derrick, Codie, Peyton, Jake, Mac & Tim) 5:00    Sela Warriors    vs    Mid City 9th 6:00    St. Tammany Tigers    vs    Titans White 7:00    NO Ballers    vs    Mid City 9th 8:00    Ball Hand Elite    vs    NO Ballers 9:00    NO Chiefs     vs    Titans Slate (Saqouri, James, Derrick, Codie, Peyton, Jake, Mac & Tim)

Livingston Ladies Invitational

Denham Springs Parks and Recreation North Park 30372 Eden Church Road Denham Springs, La 70726 Both gyms are on same property! Saturday May 19 North Park Gym 1:00 yellow 3:00 yellow Aquatic Center Gym 9:00 gold / indigo (Emma, Henley & Meghan) 11:00 gold / indigo (Emma, Henley & Meghan) Sunday May 20 North Park Gym 11:00 silver 3:00 silver